Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Well, I'm sorry if anybody missed me yesterday, but I really couldn't think of anything to post about after I finally found the time to post. Tuesday is usually my Movie Day, but I also had to get all the copies made of my mini-comics, so that I'm fully stocked for Sunday's MoCCA Comics Art Festival in NYC. I'll be there at my Table in the Puck Bldg from 11 in the morning until 7 at night, trying to keep the hordes of fans from trampling one another to get to me.

I made a new mini-comic for this show. It's a Jack Chick parody again. This one is called "FRESH HOT PIZZA!", and tells the tale of Luigi, the boy who delivered Pizza to the Last Supper. It's a parable about how Jesus would want his followers to pay more respect to the Pizza-Boy, and also Tip Better. Keeping the scary nature of Chick Tract covers, the cover illo features the Devil himself, posed like the Chef on a generic Pizza Box, holding a fresh slice amidst the flames, and giving the "A-OK" sign, (which in some parts of the world is "the Evil Eye").

For those who can't make it to NYC for the show this weekend, I will have a preview on my site, and you'll be able to order it thru my ebay shop beginning next week.

Speaking of ordering stuff... I just got a sample of my f-ARTjoke tee-shirt yesterday from Cafe Press. It looks sharp, and the colors on the design came out nice. It's a new rendition of the art from my cover to f-ARTjoke #0. If you go to my site, and check out the f-ARTjoke of The Week page, you'll see a smaller version of the art, with a link over to Cafe Press, where you can order the shirt, ...and the design is also on Mugs and flying discs!

So Yesterday, after making nearly 1700 copies at the local Mailboxes Etc/ UPS store, which has the best price on copies around here, I took my friend Eric over to the Mall to see Dumb and Dumberer. What a piece of crap!
It came in at under 90 minutes, and it seems like a lot of material was edited out that would have made the movie funnier, and more smooth flowing. And this movie really would have been better with an R rating. I hate that the dialogue makes reference to a female character not wearing underwear, but the movie doesn't let the viewer see this.
Not even from behind! It's a VISUAL MEDIUM! Don't talk about it! SHOW IT! And, as you can probably guess, the only boobs in the picture are the two main characters. I'm just glad we saw it at a Matinee, but even at Matinee prices, that's still $5.50 of my money and 90 ins of my life that I'll never get back.

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