Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Convention season, so with deadlines, I'm drawing again.

In fact I leave tomorrow morning to go down to FLUKE in Athens, GA.

I wanted to have a new book to take with me, so I sat down and produced a sequel to 2004's "Peeps Et Beans".

Here it is, PEEPS GO DISCO!. Debuting at Fluke saturday from noon to six PM (Tastyworld, Athens GA)

If I have copies left, they'll be up on my website next week.

This one has a five-color screened cover that I did with the RISO B6 PrintGOCCO.

I made 100 covers today. Here's my dining room table around 2PM today.

Yes, this one is again narrated in French.
The english translation is included in an appendix, but I think it's got more of that cute irony in French for some reason.