Saturday, October 20, 2007

Limited Edition BenT Gocco Print Number 1!

Here's a little (about 4 by 5 ins.) 3-color print I made (only 40 copies in existence) before I packed away the Gocco when I finished the covers to Halloween Stinks!

If you visit my store you can purchase one for yourself while supplies last, and catch up on all my recent mini-comics, too. I accept payments via PayPal.
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Guess who took some life-drawing classes?

...and now I am the zen-master of drawing nekkid peoples.

I decided to break out my sketchbook from last year, and share some.

you youngsters, cover your eyes, and you folks reading at work better cover your screens, too



this is Katherine, who posed for us at the Missoula Art Museum one cold evening last November. this one is the tamer of the two I've selected of her, just incase everybody hadn't covered their eyes yet.

At this museum, they start with a series of short poses (5 or 10 minutes) for the first hour, then after a break, they do an hour of longer poses (15 mins or more). I like those better, because I had time to go over my pencils in ink before the model reset.

Here's Katherine again. sorry, I realized that I was running out of page before I could fit her right foot in. I hope I haven't permanently lost the right-foot-fetishist audience.

This one was from the first session I attended in Missoula, we had a male model that night. I noticed that the other folks around me were a bit shy about drawing his "equipment", and for whatever reason, they were leaving that area of their pads blank.

I figured, what the hell?

The next pose, he positioned himself so that he was practically spread-eagled facing me in the circle. I decided to force the perspective.

I call it "Thinking with my Little Head"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

'nana 'nana 'nana 'nana... BAT JAM!

This little comic was originally published as a quick little one-sheet mini comic in 2005.
I had it layed out on one sheet of paper that folded into a little eight-page mini, I've re-scanned the art for you, and divided the panels to be able to re-assemble them in a readable order.
I figured it was the season.
I'm going to try to do one of these minis each week for a while, and maybe when I do a show, I'll print them up and sell a whole brick of the last six month's worth.
If the art looks rushed, that's the idea. I originally did three of these, and put them together in a little trick-or-treat bag as my Halloween offering. (another will be posted tomorrow. the third comic in the bag evolved into "Halloween Stinks!") I put the whole thing together quickly in one night when scanner woes prevented me from finishing the book I'd been working on in time for a show.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Back!!!! With a new Mini0-Comic, just in time for Halloween

Hot off the presses and available via PayPal now is this new Fluffy The Pet Fart adventure from none other than yours truly!

It's 28 interior Black and white pages, with a two-color silkscreened cover. below is a scan of one of the covers and a couple interior panels.

Have you ever had a fart that lingered?

Well, this is a tale about a boy and a fart that stayed...

...and heeled...
...and begged...
...and fetched.

It's a fart that thinks it's a dog.

Fluffy The Pet Fart.

In this tale, Fuffy and his boy pal go out to Trick-or-Treat, only to encounter some seasonably monstrous farts along the way.

It's a twisted variation on a children's story, (it's probably safe for ages 9 and up)
perfect for the holiday!

If you'd like to get a copy mailed to your door, here is a link to my webstore.

(The Paypal link at my webstore only works for U.S. residents. If you're a non-U.S. resident, please e-mail me to arrange payment and specific shipping costs)