Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What My Dad must put up with...

I pondered for several days whether I should post this here... Posted by Hello

...as it's more of a joke that only folks who have been in our house lately would get. But then, I really like the way my style worked on this card, and I figured I should share it, especially since I hadn't posted any art in some time.

Dad, in his retirement, has two passions. Doing jigsaw puzzles, and reading.

Mom, in her retirement, has two passions. Sending cases of Potato Chips and treats to anybody on the face of the planet who may have at sometime mentioned her name in passing, not to mention relatives I don't think I've ever seen. Somehow She remembers all their Birthdays and Special occasions. And tries to make sure some Potato Chips or candy make it to their particular corner of the globe in time.

When Mom is on a package-mailing jag, no horizontal surface in our house is safe. It will quickly be covered with cartons either being packed and addressed, or unpacked. This is why my drawing table, while I could adjust it to lie flat, is always tilted at an angle. My Drawing surface is MY SPACE! She'd better not try to pile boxes of Potato Chips on it, or who knows what I'll draw her doing!

Lately, Mom has been on a binge ever since she learned that Weds July 20th is National Lollipop Day. She has made it her mission to send everybody she knows a bag of Mini Tootsie Pops before that fateful day. You might say that Mom is a real Sucker for this holiday! She should get some kind of medal or even a paycheck from Tootsie Roll Industries for all the pro bono work she's been doing for them.

Poor Dad. He had been working for a couple weeks on a particularly difficult puzzle, only to one morning find his work on the Dining Room table inaccessible for the duration. The cat, Quincy, is puzzled too, because he's usually what ends up on top of Dad's puzzle, not a bunch of boxes.

I've got something special planned for you readers in a few weeks when National Lollipop Day rolls in. Keep your wrappers on until then.