Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Small Stash of Vintage Mini-Comics I found in Ohio...

Recently I took a trip to Columbus, Ohio for the Small Press Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE). Before I left, I stopped in at an old Head Shop called "Monkey's Retreat". They had a box of old mini comics, surely not in the best shape but still readable, and still with the original sale prices!

here are some scans.

I promise that the next post I make here will be a new cartoon by me.

"Tales From Private Hells" (1987) by Dony Mahoney, Tim Fuster, Jim Black and others. Posted by Hello

"Plain Loon's Cosmic House" (1983) by Michael Roden, and "Z" #17 (1980) by Bob Stewart Posted by Hello

some interior pages from Micheal Roden's mini-comic. Really wild op-art collage effect. There's an online catalog of his stuff here: Posted by Hello

a page from Mark Martin and Eric Mayer's jam mini, "Why Me?". the nifty use of the blue spot color is repeated elsewhere to great effect. Mark was also a regular contributor to STUFF, and went on to Alt-Comics fame with Gnatrat and Montgomery Wart and 20 Nude Dancers 20 , among other great stuff. Here's mark's site:
Posted by Hello
some issues of "STUFF" (1986), a mini-anthology edited by Brad Foster. Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Evil Dr. Palindrome!

I'm still putting together new books for the S.P.A.C.E. show next weekend, so here's another classic Dr. Palindrome... Posted by Hello

It's almost Prom season again, so this one is kinda timely.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New BenT Mini-Comic: I Am A Rock

Page 10 from "I Am A Rock" Posted by Hello

page 11 Posted by Hello

If I don't update here for a couple weeks, it's because I'm hard at work in my spare time getting new mini-comics ready for the SPACE convention in Columbus, Ohio on April 16th.

I have three new books in various stages of production right now. The panels above are two pages from the new mini that I just finished the scanning on.
"I Am A Rock" turns the Simon and Garfunkel song into a parody about The Thing (from marvel's Fantastic Four comics)

if you want to have first crack at my new work, get to SPACE.

Any remaining copies of the new books will be available thru my website shortly after the show.