Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Latest Period of Hermitry is over. Stay Tooned.

Egad. My High School 30-yr reunion should be coming up this year, and I don't have a single thing to show for my life.

I finally relented and joined facebook so that I could get back in touch with the world, and find out how much longer I have to finish my Graphic Novel before the reunion, if there is one.

I really should get back to drawing the thing. I've only been writing it and re-writing it for over 23 years now. Of course, I didn't know it would be a graphic novel until about twelve years ago.
It started out as just a break-up letter, based on a dream I had after the last night I saw my college Girlfriend. As I look back on our two-year relationship, we never really got out of the friends phase, so it probably came as a surprise to her that we broke up. It seems silly to me that over the years those unrequited urges became this drawn-out revenge fantasy, then morphed into a mini-novella, and now exist as a multi-layered comic psychodrama about an Artist's quest to achieve closure with any woman who had ever been important to him.

And being as the story still isn't finished, it may take on a completely different tone until it actually leaves my drawing table.

That is, if I can dedicate the time and focus to actually working on the book. I don't want to be the guy who always regrets that unfinished novel. I wish I had somebody to kick my ass and make me keep working on it. But anybody who's been privy to the main thread of the tale, either thru conversation or seeing it in any of its prior forms, can easily guess why there's nobody around to kick my ass like that. Somewhere along the line I became the guy who is a fringe member of many different social groups, but never feels a bona fide member of any single group. I became the guy who can be alone in a crowd, and quite possibly prefers it that way.
The loner. It can be nice when you don't really NEED a phone. But it sucks when that phone only rings with telemarketer calls.

I think I should try my hand at stand-up comedy. I really think I have a knack for cheering people up.

stay tooned.