Monday, May 24, 2004

Okay, where is that Yard full of 17-yr-old Nymphs I'm waiting for?

I expected they would be here by now, singing thru-out the evening to me and flitting all about my neighborhood, desperate to have sex!

Have they become too shy to come out of their shells?

I want my Cicadas, Dammit! Where are They? It's almost the end of May and they haven't surfaced yet around here. All of the Media have been blitzing us for two months now about the coming Cicada Invasion. Ocean City Md, has been using "get Away from The Cicadas" as a reason to go to the shore in their Ad campaigns. I bet they're upset that people aren't flocking to the beach yet.

Okay you Lazy Cicadas of Pennsylvania, wake the hell up already. If you continue to just loaf around underground, those more industrious Cicadas down in Maryland and Virginia that are already out there are going to get all the good jobs and the hottest looking Cicada babes. Get off you asses already! Don't make me get my shovel and dig up that playstation I buried for you. I didn't mean for you to sit around all Summer playing the damned thing.