Sunday, October 23, 2005

I have a Post Office Box again

edited 04/24/08: forget it. I closed this P.O. Box due to inactivity. I guess if you really want to get hold of me now, you'll have to work harder.

After a year during which there was no Post office on my end of town, they have finally re-opened a new branch near me, so again I have a PO box. (I cancelled my box last winter because I had to schlep four miles out of my way to get to the branch to which they were diverting my POB mail.)

Luckily, my old Box number hadn't been taken yet, so i was able to get it again. So I don't have to change any of those old business cards, and I can stop putting the correction stickers on the indicia of my back issues.

If you have my old address on file, you don't have to do anything, (and if you only get my info off this blog, I probably don't know you well enough to have given out my home address while the box was down.)

anyway, if you need to send me something, like money, or a trade, or a love letter, send it now to:

Ben T. Steckler
POB 7273
York, PA 17404

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

...and Criswell told me I'm a descendant of Edgar Cayce.

Mars was really bright in the sky tonight.

It makes me feel Homesick.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Attention all Fans of Palindromes and Wordplay:
My first collection of "The Evil Dr. Palindrome" cartoons is now available at my store (click on the "shop for my comics" link on the right margin.) It's a thick little pocket-sized mini-comic, with 44 pages, chock full of my original palindromes and cartoons.
The cover is screened in Gold Ink with my Gocco Printer.
$2.50 plus a small postage fee via Paypal.
While you're shopping, check out my other minis. If you're only familiar with my work thru the cartoons you see on-line, there's a lot you've yet to discover.