Thursday, October 18, 2007

'nana 'nana 'nana 'nana... BAT JAM!

This little comic was originally published as a quick little one-sheet mini comic in 2005.
I had it layed out on one sheet of paper that folded into a little eight-page mini, I've re-scanned the art for you, and divided the panels to be able to re-assemble them in a readable order.
I figured it was the season.
I'm going to try to do one of these minis each week for a while, and maybe when I do a show, I'll print them up and sell a whole brick of the last six month's worth.
If the art looks rushed, that's the idea. I originally did three of these, and put them together in a little trick-or-treat bag as my Halloween offering. (another will be posted tomorrow. the third comic in the bag evolved into "Halloween Stinks!") I put the whole thing together quickly in one night when scanner woes prevented me from finishing the book I'd been working on in time for a show.

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