Friday, June 06, 2003

Howdy! I'm BenT! If you're reading this, you must be one of my two fans, because my Mom isn't computer literate. If i find a third fan, maybe someday we can all get together and play four squares some nice afternoon. I've got the balls for it.

You've probably linked here from my site. good.

If you haven't, go visit it now at I'm Nobody Famous, Dammit!

It's okay. I'll wait.

You're Back? Good.

I'm Ben T. Steckler. I'm 39. I'll be 40 July 10th. I'd like a Hooker for my birthday, please.

I'm 6-foot 2, about 210 lbs, with blue eyes, and preemie grey hair.

I'm into oddball music, obscure movies, Monster stuff, Pez, Tins, the Simpsons, kites, Terry Pratchett and Harlan Ellison, and cartooning.

I've been an Engineering Student, a meteorologist, a playground counselor, a T.V. salesperson, an Air Force Officer, a temperer in a Caramel Factory, a House Painter, and a Pizza Delivery guy. I'm now unemployed, and selling my mini-comics, which I've been creating since 1993, via conventions and the web. You couldn't make a living at it, but it gives me pocket money.

It's a good thing I'm single with no children. I am available, though, as long as the girl knows what she's getting into. I might be brilliant and handsome, but I'm almost 40, and
I'm back at Mom and Dad's house, where life is uncomplicated, and I won't be made into your fixer-upper project.

Hey-these blogs are for being open and honest, right?

I'll post more later about why I moved back home.

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