Thursday, June 12, 2003

Is This The Real Life? Is this Just Fantasy?
I had a weird Dream. Weird because it was so realistic.
First I dreamed that I woke up, and i had a piece of chewing gum in my mouth. I noted to my dreamself that I'd been chewing that same piece of gum for more than a day, and I should spit it out. So I did.

I got dressed in a shirt, tie and dress pants, and went outside into the parking lot of my Old Elementary School, Jacob L. Devers. Apparently this was a College Campus now, and a passing student greeted me as "Professor". Upon hearing this, I remembered that I had a Lecture to give, and it was almost time. But my hair felt grungy, so I went across the street to a Dollar Store to look for some shampoo.

Inside the Dollar Store was an old school friend, Mark, with some unidentified mysterious companions. He said they were taking him away soon to an undiclosed location for an undisclosed purpose. I had the feeling he was some kind of detainee. Mark was stocking up on the essentials for his trip, Soap, Shaving Cream, Razors, toothpaste, etc. He picked out a package that had all of these items, but I told him not to buy the combo-pack. I showed him how it was cheaper to buy all the items he needed individually. I said that the store puts those packs together, tosses in some merchandise that's been hard to move, and then marks them up to take advantage of tourists and customers in a hurry. The cashier gave me a dirty look. All this time I had taken some of the shaving cream and was massaging it into my hair.

I went into a bathroom in back of the store, and was rinsing out my hair in the sink, when another student came in and said, "Hey, Professor, rough Night?"

I went back to the store, and Mark said he needed to go to his Townhouse to get a few items. He asked me to come along. I rode in the back seat of his beat up old maroon Cordoba. When we got to his apartment, he got out, but didn't cut off the engine, and missed "Park", leaving it in gear. As the car drifted forward, i had to climb into the driver's seat, and try to stop it. His brakes were bad, and the Gearshift was locked, but I managed to pull the emergency brake.

"I think something's wrong with the car," I yelled thru the his door, "I'm going to whack the engine with this broom."
I picked up a broom that was on his porch. Despite the fact that it was a mild day, and little kids were in the neighborhood playing in t-shirts and shorts, this broom was covered in ice and snow. The broom had a little button down near the bristles. I pushed it, and the ice and snow shook loose. As I approached the car, it started to drift backward, up a slight hill. I tried to stop it, yelling at the kids to clear the way, but could only grab hold of the side mirror. This did cause the car to veer, though, and it ended up smashing into a dumpster.

The Guy who had the apartment near the dumpster came out, explained he was a mechanic, and looked at the engine.
He found the problem. Apparently part number "90-D-4" was worn out. I looked at Mark and said "90-D-4? When this was your Dad's car twenty years ago, I remember him complaining that Part # 90-D-4 was always wearing out! Didn't you ever get it taken care of?" and that's where I woke up for real.

I wish I could play the number 90-D-4 in the lottery or something.

I'd forward this dream to my Friend and colleague, Jesse Reklaw, who does the Slow-Wave strip about people's dreams, but i don'e know how he'd condense it into three panels. You can check up on Jesse's strip at

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