Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Finally. It's a nice sunny day in the 70s, after so many weeks of rain, chill, and gloom. A perfect day for a long afternoon walk, and there's nothing like a long walk alone to give you time to sort and distill ideas. My legs are sore, but my mind is brimming, ready to put to paper some of those storylines that pop-up when I'm in the shower. Ideas.
memo to self; waterproof shower-caddy note-pad and pen, for recording ideas as they pop up.

I have an illo on that subject in Pam Bliss' latest issue of
HOPELESSLY LOST, But Making Good Time
It's a digest-sized zine that gives tips on creating and self-publishing comics. It reprints from Pam's Columns at the Sequential Tart website. Pam's a veteran at the self-publishing and mini-comics biz. I first met her at a Chicago Comicon in 1992, and she had been doing minis for a few years then, I believe. Her books are helpful, fun, and kid-friendly. Find out more at her Paradise Valley Comics site.

Sometimes Ideas can be a funny and useful thing like the The Amazing &Versatile Food Suit.
Follow the "hunger artistes" link and read the well-written and humorous saga of the suit's development. Despite the inventors' penchant for baseball, it's still an amusing little story, and the Food Suit could come in Handy. They should think beyond baseball, though. Make them in Black, and Market them to fans of DUNE, perhaps. A Food Suit in bright Caution Yellow would be swell attire to help survive a marathon DEVO concert, too.

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