Monday, June 09, 2003

Now enough of that drama. I want some lighter fare.

Do you like anagrams? Any body that's seen my Evil Dr. Palindrome cartoons knows I'm a fan of wordplay.

So the other day, I'm over on famous word expert Richard Lederer's site, Verbivore, and he has a link to this on-line anagram generator, Anagram genius

So i put in my name, and heres what I got back:

Rearranging the letters of 'Benjamin Tyrone Steckler' gives:

Jerk not tiny resemblance. Beastly jerk on increment.
Manly erect bonniest jerk. Jerky, notable increments.
Bean torments nicely jerk. Bonny erect manliest jerk.
Recently, am bonniest jerk. Jerkin as recently entomb.
Jerk in as recently entomb. Jerk recently mean snob it.
Jerk sanely entomb cretin. Jerk recently best on main.
Jerk recently best in moan. A jerkins entomb recently.
Let's! jerk nice rent-boy man. Recently moan best jerkin.
Beans jerk nicely torment. Jerk tyrannic noble meets.
Jerk tiny cleaners entomb. Menacers jerk bonny title.
O Man! recently jerk in best. Jerk to tinny resemblance.
Jerk recently, I'm neat snob. O Man! recently best jerkin.
Bonny termites jerk clean. Jerk bonny intersect male.
Jerk entirely best con man. Jerk nicely mean best torn.
Recently jerk snob in mate. Been molest tyrannic jerk.
Mental, nice rent-boy jerks. Manly jerks on nice better.
Not jerky, able increments. On jerky, incremental best.
Snack terrible enjoyment. Merely can't bonniest jerk.
Jerk menaces rottenly bin. Jerk bins rottenly menace.
Tiny menacers jerk on belt. No! jerk beastly increment.
Jerk beastly eminent corn. Mean clients jerk rent-boy.
Rent-boy jerks mean client. Jerky beers in malcontent.
Jerky beer in malcontents. Amen! recently jerk snob it.
On jerky, ablest increment. Jerk bonny lame intersect.
Jerk recently team in snob. Jerk recently mean on bits.
Jerk to tyrannic ensemble. Manly best not nice jerker.
Bonny mercies jerk talent. Entomb else tyrannic jerk.
Jerk robs intently menace. Stink recently been major.
Jerk nestle manic rent-boy. Jerk nicely torn basement.
Jerk nicely best to manner. Jerk nicely better on mans.
Jerk nicely been not smart. Jerk recently insane tomb.
Recently. Jerkins beam not. Notably jerk semen cretin.
Let's! jerk bonny nicer mate. I'm absent jerk on recently.
Jerk manly 'n' best erection. Jerk yet incremental snob.
Jerkins better once manly. Jerk to 'n' tiny resemblance.
Tiny elements jerk on crab. Jerk slim rent-boy canteen.
Male jerk 'n' nicest rent-boy. Jerk namely best on cretin.
Jerk timely entrance snob. Nearly entomb nicest jerk.
Bonny jerker man testicle. Recently best joker in man.
Jeer better slinky con man. Knob recently main jester.
Jerk since mental rent-boy. Jerk manly since on better.
Jerk manly orbit sentence. Stink mercenary, noble jet.
Jerk ton tiny resemblance. Jerk bonny slim erect neat.
Amen! jerk nicely torn best. Nicely jerk not. Brat semen.
Bane torments nicely jerk. Recently jerk snob in meat.
Manly jerk on nice betters. Manly jerk not nicest beer.
Recently. Jerkin snob mate. Jerk rent-boy lest nice man.
Termite cleans bonny jerk. Jerk manlier bye contents.
Jerk nicely best neat norm. Jerk nicely term neat snob.
Jerk sincerely entomb ant. Jerk recently bites on man.
Namely jerk not nicer best. Menacers jerk only bitten.
Recently team jerkin snob. Best manly erect on jerkin.
Jerk belt serenity con man. Let's! jerk menace tiny born.
Jerk lenient rent-boy scam. Amen! clients jerk rent-boy.
Menacer titles bonny jerk. Let's! jerk bonny menacer it.
Jerk recently best main no. Jerk not blast nicer enemy.
Jerk stony, able increment. Am best jerkin on recently.
Links reject mean rent-boy. Job resentment 'n' creakily.
Recently mean job stinker. Beastly jerk not nicer men.
Jerk ably coin resentment. Lame jerk 'n' nicest rent-boy.
Nice jerk torments by lane. Nice jerk torments by lean.
Jerk nicely betters on man. Men obtains recently jerk.
Jerk recently name snob it. Jerk manly better nice son.
Jerk on masterly, nice bent. Jerk merely bonniest cant.
Jerk intersect noble many. Jerk misty, noble entrance.
Jerk only best mean cretin. Jerk stay noble increment.
Jerk noble, semantic entry. Molest entrance by jerkin.
Jeer knob manly intersect. Bank torments nicely jeer.
Conk manly jeers in better. Jeers entomb lanky cretin.
Meek, tyrannic, nobler jest. Jerk as inclement rent-boy.
Jerk select rent-boy in man. Jerk bonny interest camel.
Let's! I am bonny, recent jerk. Let's! I'm a bonny, recent jerk.
Jerk bonny intersect meal. Jerk bonny racist element.
Remnants jerk by election. Jerk recently mates in nob.
Amen! recently jerk on bits. Jerk recently inmost bean.
Jerk manly best nicer note. Jerk manly intersect bone.
Innocent tabs jerk merely. Jerker bye in malcontents.
Jerkin moans recently bet. Jerkins bet recently moan.
Jeer nets crankily entomb. Jeers entomb crankily net.
Ten jeers crankily entomb. Jerk calm intense rent-boy.
Molest by jerk in entrance. Let's! jerk on cretin by mean.
Let's! not mean by nicer jerk. Jerk recently entomb a sin.
I best recently jerk on man. Jerk masterly Bonnie cent.
Jerk creamy, bonniest lent. Blast! jerk enemy on cretin.
Intently jerk on embraces. Jerk only beast increment.
I'm nasty, noble, recent jerk. Neat jerkins mob recently.
Jest kernel manic rent-boy. Let's! knob in mercenary jet.
Entomb crankily sneer jet. Tiny jerk blames on center.
Ninety jerk romances belt. Jerk beastly men on cretin.
Jerk balmy, rotten incense. Jerk by manner on testicle.
Jerk recently beams in not. Recently jerk an item snob.
Jerk recently tame in snob. Jerk recently boast in men.
Jerk recently bin on mates. Jerk recently bins to mean.
Jerk recently bet in moans. Best on manly erect in jerk.
Content! jerk seemly brain. Jerk rottenly been in scam.
Increment beats only jerk. Increments jerk only beat.
Nice entry blames not jerk. Jerkins elect rent-boy man.
Man jeers recently knob it. Resemble cannot tiny jerk.
Tiny elements jerk carbon. Let's! jerk bonny manic tree.
Let's! jerk bonny neat crime. Let's! I am bonny jerk center.

I think the thing thinks I'm a jerk. well, you try living with a middle name like "Tyrone"
and not ending up a Jerk.

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