Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Hey, Wow! I read that Blogger was being purchased by Google. They must have merged somewhat already, because I just did a search for "Movie Marquees Tombstones" on Google, and my own blog, less than a week old, came up as the #2 item. In that spirit, Let me just state briefly that I do several on-line comics at my website, such as "The Evil Dr. Palindrome", "f-Artjoke", "Hey Lookit What I found", "MODOK The Menace", "Punk Rock Heaven", and other random Gag cartoons. They can all be linked to thru my homepage, "I'm Nobody Famous, Dammit!", to which you'll find a link on the right hand margin of this page.

Let me add, fart, fartjoke, wordplay, humor, art, parody, mini-comics, Joey Ramone, tribute, coffee, small press, independent, alternative, comics, fluffy, cat, pet, Jack Chick.

I apologise for that shameless exploitation of the search engine.

Now let me get back to what I was logging back on to say...

Heres' another site with funny, ambiguous headlines.
Because it's from a teaching reference, of course they dry it up by taking the time to explain why the headline is ambiguous. Still, they're some funny headlines, and if you're not careful, you might learn something, too!
Hey! Hey! Hey!

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