Sunday, June 08, 2003

I just wanted to make a quick entry about one of my hobbies.

I collect "Tombstones".

No, I'm not some kind of Grave Robber. A "Tombstone" is a term used in the Newspaper business, for headlines that, when juxtaposed with another headline or a picture, take on another, often hilarious, and sometimes scandalous, meaning.

National Lampoon used to run them all the time in the "True Facts" section. (by the way, I recently discovered that NatLamp is alive and well...on the web. Go here.)

And Jay Leno does them as "HEADLINES", which is one of the few times in the week he's really funny. Here's an archive of them.

I find them in the papers, but I seem to see them the most often on Movie Marquees.
Here's one that I just saw today:


Just last week this same sign said, "What A Girl Wants - Old School - Holes",

and about a year ago, it said, "Josie & The Pussycats - Blow - Tomcats".

I see the most incredible things on days when I actually get away from the computer and leave the house.

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