Monday, October 25, 2004

My Brief Career in Film is over.

I spent most of the afternoon today taking apart movies. Last Night was the closing night at the theater where I'd been employed as projectionist/asst. manager since May.

The last film shown last night was The Bourne Supremacy.

Today we began gutting the theater. I'd taken apart three of the last ten films we'd been showing last night, and today I had to take apart the other seven films, put em back in their cans, and get 'em ready for the distributor to pick up.

The First day I worked there, my first duty was to assemble Kill Bill Vol 2. It was somewhat fitting that the last thing I did on my last day was take apart the Jet Li flick, Hero.

It wasn't a total downer of a day, though.

I found a Mint copy of Martin Denny's Quiet Village LP, and a couple BLOTTO EPs at the Goodwill, and the PEZ I'd Ordered from Steve Glew got here.

I got the European SHREK 2 dispensers, and a PEZ GUN!

Donkey and Shrek came with a pack of Cherry Pez! Posted by Hello

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