Friday, October 15, 2004

The Lion King Pez Dispensers have arrived. Posted by Hello

I just found these at the Dollar Tree near my House this afternoon. New Pez!
I only saw these five. Why No Rafiki?

Pez is really cranking out the New dispenser designs these last couple years. I guess it's in direct response to the collector interest in the old ones. It used to be there'd be maybe One All-New set of dispensers a year, One Licensed Set, and maybe there'd be a few minor changes to the Holiday assortments at Halloween, Christmas and Easter. You could get thru the year only having to buy maybe ten dispensers, and still be a completist.

Nowadays, They seem to do two or three Licensed sets a year for the U.S., and maybe another three or four sets for Europe and Canada, and then there's at least one set of Pez original designs added also. Just to keep up with the standard dispensers, you need to buy upwards of forty to fifty dispensers a year.
That's not counting all the special dispensers from CapCom and other companies, the watches, keychains, flashlights, partyfavors, cereal box prizes, etc. Not to mention the special limited edition promoyional giveaways and Premiums, and the exclusive dispensers offered at, and the color variants, and the special see-thru special editions....etc.

I think that they've entered the realm of the "manufactured collectible" here, and since I hardly can finish the candy before another new dispenser hits the stores, I'm going to scale back my collecting to only those standard designs that I find in stores. besides, i need to get a new storage cabinet because i don't have space to display the ones I have now.

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