Monday, October 11, 2004

I'd Started bringing the stale Popcorn home to feed the birds...

...and ended up feeding the squirrels and other wildlife in our yard as well.

This morning, I watched in amazement as one of the larger squirrels foraged on the popcorn I'd scattered over our mulch pile in the corner of the yard. Less than four feet away, perched on the fence, watching the squirrel, was one of the Falcons that has moved into our neighborhood.

It's so cool to see a wild falcon in my backyard. The weird thing was, the squirrel didn't seem to be afraid. It calmly selected a kernel, and then scampered up the fence into the Wistaria, and safely nibbled. The Falcon must have decided then to select an easier meal, and flew towards the front yard, which brought it right past the window from where I watched. Better than a three-foot wingspan, easily.

The squirrel then calmly scampered back down for another kernel.

If I don't find work in another theater, I'm soon going to have to make fresh popcorn at home for the critters. At least then i can make it without salt, perhaps. Then I can put it on the grass in other areas of the lawn without worrying about the salt ruining the grass.

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