Saturday, August 23, 2003

well, I looked all around and it's gonna be hard to lay in a supply of 110 minute cassettes big enough to dub a copy of my Halloween mixtape for everybody.

I'm examining the playlist to decide where I can cut ten minutes from each side, in order to fit it onto the standard 90 min cassette that everybody still uses.

I guess since folks all got into MP3 and CD burners, the 110-minute cassette, which was designed to better fit most music CDs on a side, is becoming obsolete. Damn. I liked being able to squeeze an extra few songs per side in.
well I'll look at my play list and try to cull it again. (I've already culled down from about 200 candidate songs to get the 42 or so that made it onto the tape, I have lots of stuff that will have to hope it makes it next year already.)

Here's a website that will help you in your research if you want to get into doing your own Halloween tapes. Nightmare City Halloween is an annual radio broadcast, and is celebrating it's 25th year in 2003. At their site they have info on how to get this Year's show over the web, if you're near your computer on Halloween Night. You can also see playlists from previous shows.

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