Saturday, August 09, 2003

It's Saturday, and I'm at the drawing Board, furiously trying to finish my pages for the next issue of SHIOT CROCK. It's an APA so you have to contribute to it to see a copy, but don't fear, I've designed my four pages to be easily adapted into a twelve page mini-comic, which I should have available at the Small Press Expo this year. I should also have the next f-ARTjoke compilation.

Cool News! I've been invited to be a guest at ITHACON this year. If I'm Not Careful, I might become Somebody Famous! That Link hasn't been updated to show anything more than the date and time of the next show. I'll let you know when I see something new.

To show that I'm in a better mood Than last time, Here's another Top Ten list:

Top Ten Things Howard The Duck is Doing Now
10) Taking Tambourine Lessons from Davey Jones
9) Script Consultant for Pauley Shore Films
8) Hangs out in the park whenever He's low on croutons.
7) For Kicks, puts on a Sailor Suit and walks around Disneyland goosing the single Moms.
6) Sits in with the Band at Chuck E. Cheese
5) Hangs out on the Strip, asking Hookers if they want to "get Down"
4) Fishes barbarians out of his Peanut Butter jar.
3) Stalks Members of KISS, trying to recapture past glory.
2) Waiting for a Callback from "The Mighty Ducks"
1) Watches Caroline in the City and says, "Lea Thompson? I Did Her!"

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