Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Evil Dr. Palindrome!

Yes. I think being a Yankees Fan makes Doc Palindrome Evil. Posted by Hello

Not that I'm any fan of Baseball, or professional sports in general. If I were any kind of fan, I'd take more time to care about what a Yankees or Orioles uniform really looked like, or what that danged bird mascot or even a stadium looked like.

Still it's that time of year when folks around here are excited because the Orioles still have a perfect record, and they think they might be able to retain that beyond Opening Day now that they've added Sammy to their roster. To namedrop another team's mascot, WaHoo!

Me, I simply recognized that Sosa's name has "Os" in it when reversed, and thus I had to draw this.
I know that no self-respecting Yankees fan would ever utter an epithet as tame as "Rats!", but then I figure that there are plenty of the vermin in Yankee Stadium, (some don't even buy tickets) so it was appropriate.

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