Saturday, September 25, 2004

I've grown pretty bored with this blog
I wouldn't read it to my dog.
It needs a new gimmerick
like posting in limerick,
to give its charisma a jog.

I'm off on a Saturday Night.
I'm broke and the TV ain't right.
The Brit-TV re-runs
have given me the runs
that squirt cause my asshole is tight.

I bet that you think that it's funny
Because you have plenty of money,
You're out on a Date
while I sit here and wait
for a trip to the bowl that ain't runny.

I hope you're convulsing with laughter,
and you're happy to the ever after,
But if you think there's truth in
These poems I do within
my basement -I'm crazy?- You're Dafter.

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