Monday, August 09, 2004

Long Time No See. I've been busy in the Entertainment Industry.

I haven't been around much because I've been helping to manage the local second-run Movie theater. Summer hours, with Matinees daily make for long workdays.

I thought I'd start using this blogspace as a place to brainstorm story ideas, to keep them on record, and perhaps to invite comment on the ideas from anybody who might read this.

How about a story about a man who has lucid dreams. He originally uses this power purely to indulge his fantasies, i.e., he imagines Heather Locklear naked, and POOF! she's in his dream, naked. Later the man learns that he is actually controlling her dreams, too. She's on Leno, talking about how she's been having these weird dreams lately where she's naked. "Oh, I've had those. I dream about you naked pretty Often," says Jay.
Our protagonist now tries to see if he can influence other people. He steers his dream toward the pretty girl at work that always ignores him. In his dream, he tells her that tulips are sexy.
The next day, she has tulips on her desk, and she seems to recognize him as he passes.

So. he has a power. What does he do with it? hmmm. Enter the dreams of the president? Try to Influence policy? Enter the dreams of Wall Street, and steer the market? What if his mind snaps, and he begins to emulate Freddy Kreuger?

I'll sleep on this one and see what happens.

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