Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Hello! I'm still alive.
I just haven't been in a mood to blog much.
That and I rediscovered SIMcity 2000 on my Playstation for a few days. That's a good way to waste many hours and make both your butt and your eyes sore.

Egad, so many things I do make my eyes sore. Watching movies, swimming in chlorinated pools, surfing the net, Playstation, reading, drawing. When i do eventually go blind, I don't know how I'll keep myself distracted. I guess I'll listen to music. I won't know which freaking record I'm putting on until it starts to play, but maybe I could finally get thru my collection in under a year.

Speaking of Music... The new Southern Culture on The Skids Album (MOJO BOX) is a hoot! Incredible! Big thanks to Steve Hager for surprising me with a free copy. He also passed on a copy of his mini-comic, Dutchy Digest. Pretty funny stuff if you've ever lived around Pennsylvania Dutch Country. A few choice double entendres among the Amish, and a recipe for Shoo Fly Pie.

I'm still waiting to hear on a new job., and trying to keep my meager monthly bills payed by selling my minis and my original art. The originals go okay on ebay if they have a popular subject matter , like Joey Ramone, the Freakies cereal, Screaming Jay Hawkins, etc. But my other stuff doesn't have enough buzz to garner many hits on an ebay search. So I've set up a new page at my site where I'll be offering my originals to you, my few fans who I keep entertained with this blog and stuff. Be sure and check out the Ben T. Steckler Original Art Store!

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